Dallas Penn: The Bully Is Back…

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A few years ago rappers were afraid to leave their homes. The idea that Suge Knight might be looking for them had them paralyzed. Former hardcore NWA frontman Ice Cube totally stopped rapping and got into making kiddie movies like a Black Mr. Rogers. Are we there yet? Then Suge Knight went back to jail. Then he came home and we found out he was dead broke. Then someone caught him slippin’ on the streets and two-pieced him. The once mighty Suge Knight was photographed laid out on the sidewalk.

Anyone else in the rap business would have bowed out after that storyline but not Suge Knight. He has a massive ego and he has to maintain the myth of his badassness. Suge Knight’s return to the industry is now as a stickup man. His first vic(tim) is reportedly the rapper Yukmouf. Let’s see what the take home monies are from a $92K necklace…

  • $50 stacks = pawn shop price
  • $15 stacks = rent-a-goon fee x 10 ($1500 per goon)
  • $10 grand = Mercedes car payment + late fees (AMG kit)
  • $7K = whores (white girls, natch)
  • $2000 = cigars (Cubans)
  • $1 grand = cognac (Hennessy budget)
  • the remaining $15K will go to lawyer fees
  • At this rate Suge Knight is gonna have to take a lot more necklaces. Anybody know where Yungberg is?


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