Dallas Penn x DasRacist = Witty Banter…

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I like hanging with rap music phenoms DasRacist because you never know what the hell will transpire…

I’ve been directed to write some witty banter on this page to describe what being around DasRacist is like but it isn’t even a joke to me when I think about their music. From the outside looking in I’m sure many rap nerds wouldn’t consider this band ‘real’ rap, but that is because your average rap fan has a racist, actually supremacist view of the world. Rappers are supposed to be impoverished and undereducated. Their redeeming quality is the earnestness to drink champagne which they describe when on a microphone. These are the rap fans that love LCD rap, or as any person who has actually seen and smelled what the bottom of society is, lowest common denominator rap. You know that “I’m from the ghetto” narrative. You know who y’all are.

I like to buffer my LCD rap with great lyricism. That would be your Roc Marcianos, Sean Prices and Inspectah Decks. At the end of the day for me I’m all about who brings the most original lyrics into my earholes [ll]. DasRacist does just that. But they also do it with the flair of kids who crashed a party. No one expects them to have the music sense they have. Albeit you imagine two Indians dudes would have the common sense. But wait, DasRacist isn’t two Indian dudes. I mean there are two Indian dudes in DasRacist but the two dudes on the microphone aren’t both Indian, not all the time. And why does that matter. DasRacist. When I told you a few months back that the Asian diaspora was saving Hip-Hop I should have just said the BROWN diaspora. DasRacist is that brown.

But don’t take my word for anything. Their mixtape ‘Shut Up, Dude!’ is available for DL. DR is sicker than your average and DR twists a lot of cabbage. So put some lyrics in your cabbage. And thank God I don’t rap.

DasRacist – ‘Shut Up, Dude!’


Internets, DasRacist, If You Cant Get That Right I Swear To God You’re A Retard from iHipHop on Vimeo.



  1. I fux with Das Racist all the times. As a light-skint Jew I consider myself periphery brown diaspora.

    Jesus wasn't white!

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