Denzel Curry is Working on a Comic Entitled, ‘Black Metal Terrorist’

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Denzel’s creativity isn’t limited to just music.

The comic book industry is an exploding market right now. Just ask the guys over at Marvel Studios how much money they’re raking in. A once nerd-dominated domain, comics now command a transcendent palpability, increasing their demand and contributors markedly. One of the most recent individuals to capitalize on this growing wave is none other than South Florida rapper, yes rapper, Denzel Curry.

Curry has previously expressed a passion for drawing during his interview with Hot New Hip Hop, and it looks like the artistic inclination is extending to a fully-fledged comic. In addition to dropping the highly-anticipated album, Taboo, Denzel is also looking to release his comic, Black Metal Terrorist, in 2018. Citing Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder as inspiration, Denzel is looking to inject an element of realism into his comics, saying to MTV, “”I create characters based around people that I know and people in my life. Just pretty much how Aaron McGruder [creator of The Boondocks] does stuff. How he based Huey and Riley off of his life.”

A true master of his craft, Denzel is taking his time perfecting this comic, wanting it to be an ultimate representation of his multi-faceted creativity.

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