Denzel Curry Lands Punches In “Ricky”

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Taking his talents to the backyard brawl ring.

Denzel Curry is far from your average artist. While only 24-years-old, the South Florida native possesses an uncanny ability to create expository, engaging narratives that come to life through invigorating sonics. A man who’s equally adept at crafting a pensive poem as he is a hit record, Denzel is a gem.

A large portion of his allure emanates from his ability to conceive lucid narratives surrounding a variety of topics. From describing his harrowing adolescence to his perspective on artist culture, Denzel’s worldly mind elucidates an array of stories — including backyard brawls.

In his latest single and video, “Ricky,” Denzel links with his close friend and collaborator Twelve’len — the video’s director — to pay homage to his father, who the track is named for, and the backyard brawl culture that is popular in his home state. Denzel’s brother was also a backyard fighter.

Bringing truth to the brutality of gladiators taking the stage on small lawns, Curry recruited fighter Dada 5000 for the video, who was featured in the 2005 fight documentary, Dawg Sport.

In between cuts of the TA1300 rapper spitting viciously with his friends, he’s seen squaring-up with Dada in the ring, delivering literal punches as he does vocal ones.

Take a step in the ring by hitting play on “Ricky” below: