Despite Being in a Wheelchair, 2 Chainz Still Tours

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“They ask me what I do and who I do it for,” 2 Chainz inquires on his 2012 hit, “Birthday”. Well, after today’s announcement, one thing is clear: he raps, and he does it for his fans.

2 Chainz’, aka Tauheed Epps, latest album effort, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, advocates for his placement in the current top MC conversation. At 39-years-old, going on 40, Tity Boi has proven that a middle-aged man can not only survive in a young man’s game, but thrive. Age hasn’t precluded him from earning Billboard’s number-one rap album spot, and it certainly hasn’t interfered with his stage presence—even when he physically can’t stand.

After dropping his star-studded album to a receptive audience, 2 Chainz did what any rapper would do following a great release: announced his tour.

However, after incurring a leg injury, Epps announced on July 31st that he would have to unfortunately postpone the tour, and would update his fans upon his hospital release. Well, today that fateful announcement arrived: the former Playaz Circle emcee underwent surgery, shackling him to a wheelchair. But that won’t inhibit him from delivering a fantastic tour as promised. 2 Chainz is a real one, and fear—or a wheelchair—won’t stand in his way.

Last night he kicked off the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour in Tucson, AZ with his ass planted in a seat, one leg lifted, and all the swag in the world. As Tity Boy has previously stated, “If I didn’t rap, I’d be selling swag.” No argument here.

2 Chainz raps, and he does it for his fans. Check out his Arizona tour photos below:

So I broke my leg 11 days ago , and had surgery 10 days ago .. when I woke up from sedation the doctor told me ” well looks like your gonna have to cancel your tour ” so I told him maybe it means God wants me to use my mind and be creative ! So after all the morphine and pains meds wore off I called management and said somebody find me a ” pink wheelchair ” I can’t let my fans down besides I’m passionate about this shit !! Tucson, Arizona thank you for supporting me and rocking with the campaign !! Show was legend !! If you look up resilient in the Webster dictionary it’s gone be a picture of me rocking a fucking show in a pink wheelchair !! Remember never let anyone or anything get in the way of you being great ! If I can do it you can too 🙏🏿

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