Did Rick Ross Get Young Jeezy Kicked Out Of Summer Jam?

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If you thought the Nicki Minaj/Peter Rosenberg incident was the only thing to taint this year’s Summer Jam, you’re dead wrong. In a recent inteview with Pitchfork,  Freddie Gibbs hinted at some foul play by Rick Ross during this year’s event. When asked how it was to be there with Young Jeezy that day, Gibbs had this to say:

It was dope. Though some punk-ass n*ggas made [CTE] leave the venue [after Young Jeezy’s set]. I guess some motherf**ker– he knows who he is– had us removed from the venue– and we gonna leave that at that. Me and Young Jeezy were not allowed to watch the rest of the show.

And the sh*t that me and Jeezy got going on, it’s a real special dynamic– there ain’t been no real gangsta rap sh*t like this in a minute. At least no real shit. I just think, if a motherf**ker can rap about his life, then he should be that motherf**ker outside the booth as well. There’s been some fake n*ggas that perpetrated and said they was from the streets, but they really wasn’t. And they leading a bunch of sheep. Ninety percent of the general public aren’t gangstas, so all of the rappers aren’t going to be gangstas.

What’s worth noting is the fact that Rick Ross and Maybach Music took the stage right after Jeezy’s set, suggesting that Rick Ross was the one who forced Jeezy to be removed from the venue. This would make a lot of sense seeing that Jeezy and Ross have had their fare share of beef in the last two years. Their alleged beef first started following the release of Ross’ “B.M.F.” which references Big Meech, the head of BMF (Black Mafia Family), the drug trafficking organization that helped the launch of Jeezy’s career through their music venture, BMF Entertainment. A few days later, Jeezy recorded a freestyle over the same song, referencing his involvement with BMF. Since then, the two artists have traded a series of lyrical jabs but that’s about the extent of their conflict. More recently, Ross has been accused of throwing bottles (‘taking shots’ for the post Drake/Breezy brawl generation) at Jeezy in “Rich Forever” off his mixtape of the same name. The line “Your sh*t pushed back ’cause it ain’t buzzin’,” most likely references Jeezy’s TM 103 album which was delayed several times.

Jeezy expressed late last year that he had nothing against having a sit-down with Ross to squash things but after this Summer Jam incident, he might have changed his mind about things.