Diddy Escorted “Like A Head Of State”

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Diddy played a concert in New York Friday night and had planned on taking a helicopter (what else??) to his after-party in New Jersey. Unfortunately the helipad of Club 4 Sixty 6 in West Orange wasn’t cleared in time, causing the FAA to shut Diddy down.

Undeterred, the Puffster managed to arrive at the party in style, escorted by a 3 car police escort from the NYPD, and also from the New Jersey Police Force. A source told The New York Post that Diddy was escorted “like a head of state”, with the police riding in front of his Bentley and 3 SUV’s tailing behind. That is one badass convoy. John Mahdessian, the owner of Madam Paulette:

“There were three squad cars with the lights flashing. I went along also. We were at the club in New Jersey within 15 minutes. This happened last-minute. I organized the police escort through my contacts.”

According to the New York Post, police escorts are not usually offered to private citizens. Well, we all know that Diddy has probably gone past the point of being a mere ‘citizen’. Swag swag swag! Spotted at AHH.