Dr. Dre “Y’all N*ggas Gonna Love This Sh*t!”

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For nearly a decade, rap fans have been waiting on Dr Dre’s mythical Detox to drop.  Every time Dre goes on a press-bender to promote some other project, he claims that Detox is “coming soon.”   Well “soon” couldn’t come soon enough for some out there, and they decided to hack into Dre’s e-mail account and snatch a couple of tracks.  One supposed Detox cut, “Under Pressure” had the Internets outraged due to its dissimilarity from everything else in Dr. Dre’s discography.    While I don’t mind it in a Hewlett Packard commercial, it’s arguably the worst song the Doctor’s ever produced.


To combat the harsh criticism of fans who believed “Under Pressure” was the lead single from Detox, Dre hit the web and announced that everything that will inevitably appear on album is unheard.  In an interview with DJ iRoc of New York’s Jamz 96.3, the Doctor assured the world, “[there are] no leaks that came out that are going on the record…I got hard new shit. I had a little bit of a leak in my security and what have you, but I got new shit coming and trust me, it will not be [a disappointment].”  In August, Dr. Dre told Vibe that he had only consistently worked on Detox for five months because new projects such as an all instrumental album and signing new talent kept getting in the way.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Dre actually released one of these albums instead of co-signing cognac?



  1. Dog I got a baaaaad feeling Detox gonna suck. I heard that one single he released few months back and if thats a tase of whats to come….we're fucked.

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