Drake & Chris Brown Set To Cover Vibe’s Re-Launch Issue

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Vibe Magazine is making a comeback from their public downfall this past summer. Vibe became another victim of the recession and had to close it’s doors, but now they’re ready to relaunch.

For the relaunch issue, Vibe has recruited new comer to the game Drake and Chris Brown, who’s also making his own comeback after his public downfall.

Both artists will be on the cover and details about the relaunch were released on Monday this week. No word yet on when the magazine is set to release their first issue, but it’s good to see they made it through and are trying to bring it back.


  1. yes it is true, you can’t just go on hover yourself in the downfall. it is a great match especially to also get chris brown as one of those to set the cover as he has in his down moments too. but would that get any sympathy from the one who buys the magazine?

  2. great comeback for chris. i think he is not that rude but when it comes to women, it really doesn’t sound normal for guys to treat girls rudely. anyways, they are still too young, chris brown is young enough and it would take time to make him realize he messed up with rihanna 🙂

  3. this could a success or a flank. but hopefully let’s cross our fingers for a success of course for the re-launch of the vibe magazine and as getting back into the track for chris brown’s career. i hope so, after all…..

  4. things won’t never be the same again for rihanna and chris brown so they just have to go on their separate ways and deal with their own career. eventhough chris has his negative doings before, i still like him and i am hoping as to the success of the re-launch of VIBE MAGAZINE, he will have his success too.

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