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Well, well, well what do you know, the whole Rihanna and Jay Z romance was nothing more than a PR stunt, masterminded by her Publicist at the time to further her career. And boy did it work. Jon Hay confessed all in a recent interview which you can READ HERE as he starts promotion for his new book which is aptly titled Publicity Stunt: The Art of Noise. I managed to take a minute to talk with Jon Hay this morning about the Rihanna episode and asked him if he thought that all her success had been achieved through good PR and did the Bajan beauty not really know where the rumors came from?
This is what Mr. Hay had to say “Rihanna’s first media splash was with very strategic publicity stunts – no question. People on the inside were not really feeling Pon De Replay (her first single) like that at first – then the tidal wave of media came and it helped bring awareness to her single and the song skyrocketed. However, Rihanna worked it to death and made all the right career moves. She is hands down an amazing artist and businesswoman and she has done everything right. She just had a little launching pad – – but she lifted it into orbit. She is the real deal and please let me reiterate again, she had no idea what was going on with these stunts behind the scenes.”
So obviously it does take a bit more than a cute hair cut, R&B singer bf, fantasy super-mogul lover and a kick ass wardrobe to make a star these days.
Jon Hay’s book will be on shelves in February and available through Barnes and Noble. When I asked Jon if the book was the only reason he was letting out all his trade secrets he simply said “It’s getting closer to the time that I plan on releasing the book, so yeah I am talking about it. I can’t step up to the plate with a book called, Publicity Stunt: The Art of Noise – and not swing for the fence.”


  1. You are right. That whole Jay Z and Rihanna thing is just like the ordinary ones. Lol. I don’t care coz I think they are not a perfect match. But hey, I like Rihanna and her songs. She has a nice voice and aside from that, she made it to the top 20 sexiest celebrities of 2008, that’s a big title.

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