EXPOSED! Barack Obama`s Birth Certificate Is Uncovered

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This is for the hating right wing Republicans and Donald Trumps Crazy a$$. Thanks to CNN we now know Obamas real birthplace. Hopefully this should quiet those African/illegal immigrant/foreigner rumors. To see the long form version with doctors signature click here .


  1. Just to clarify, this issue has been dead for a long time. No one truley belived he was from a foreign country. It was all done to gain momentum for the upcomming campaign cycle. Campaign tactics and nothing more. They couldnt just talk about the economy or jobs because that issue doesn't get anywhere anymore. People want a better economy and jobs but, its at a point in the recovery where you can't make it happen any faster. So, people like trump (who have no business leading a country) use this issue to get people talking. It's all garbage.

  2. i have no issue with pres obama's birth, etc, but the above is a certification of live birth, which is what the right wing zealots are complaining isn't the same thing as a birth certificate. as someone else noted, there's no signature, etc. our pres was born in hawaii, but the above is what has been in contention for several years now, so it doesn't change the alleged controversy…unfortunately. 🙁

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