Mac Miller Reacts To Donald Trump’s Co-Sign

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First off let’s talk about how much of a power move this really was by The Donald.  Inherently this youtube co-sign was really an elaborate plan to market his youtube channel.  Guess what?  It worked like a charm.  First The Donald co-signs the commercially viable/youtube phenom rapper, Mac Miller, via his youtube channel.  Next drop a sweet viral video about The Donald’s private jet.  The Donald is NOT dumb.  Just swaggin while simultaneously mobbin all up in your grill mix.  Getting a free lease of Mac Miller’s swag.  Well done…

Mac Miller however catches up with Hard Knock TV to give his reaction to Donald’s power move.  His commentary is actually very much on point:

“I thought it was so ridiculous how people got so worked up over him being like, ‘You’re the new Eminem.’ What do you expect him to say? It’s Donald Trump, He’s not going to be like, ‘I was listening to this Mac Miller kid and he seems influenced by A Tribe Called Quest and he seems like he listened to a lot of Big L growing up and he’s really the going there in Hip Hop.’ All he meant was that I’m a white rapper and I’m blowing up.”