Famous Dex Announces That He’s Quitting Lean

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We’re happy for you, Dex.

It’s been commented on recently, by guys like 21 Savage, that today’s hip-hop generation has shifted the drug paradigm from pusher to user. While guys in the ‘90s bragged about the weight they moved, today’s hip-hop artist discusses the necessity behind drug usage—both from a braggart standpoint and simply matter of fact. Xans, percs, and lean are three of the most commonly used words in today’s songs, but it seems like young artists are finally noticing drugs’ severely adverse effects.

Famous Dex was recently rushed to the hospital after a negative run-in with lean. Taking to his IG live, Dex announced some new that will delight those close to him: he’s done with the purple drink once and for all. While he’s one of the biggest lean advocates in hip-hop, it seems like he’s recognizing that this is the right option for him to lead a healthy future.

After Lil Peep’s tragic passing, Lil Uzi Vert announced that he was going to try being sober, but didn’t parse words regarding sobriety’s difficulty. Fredo Santana was also recently rushed to the hospital due to kidney issues brought on by prescription pill abuse.

It’s tough—these kids deal with atrocious upbringings and backgrounds that necessitate drug usage to cope with the hardships. Most of them wish that they weren’t so addicted. But, admitting that one has a problem is a crucial step en route to sobriety. We wish Famous Dex the best of luck in his rehabilitation.