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Looks like Floyd Mayweather tried to swing a punch or two at 50 Cent, the rapper explained in a recent interview with ESPN. The two shared a few slaps after Floyd didn’t want to share some cash he was making from a Wrestlemania fight, when he requested 50 appear alongside him in the fight. Mayweather, when asking 50 Cent to appear at the fight was sitting with a bag with a million dollars in it beside him but said Curtis would have to wait for his appearance money. Curtis wasn’t feeling with the smell of cash right up in his nostrils as the two were talking and being told to wait for his pay out.
Sounds like Mayweather spoke to 50 like he was one of his hired help and again that attitude wasn’t appealing to Fif, so the two had a lil set too but it was all sorted pretty much right there and then. Big boys don’t cry when they fighting over money obviously 🙂
But this isn’t the first time these two have faced off as they had another scuffle back in March at a celeb basketball game where Floyd threw another punch at the rapper, we are still unsure if that punch actually made contact or not.