T.I. Decimates Floyd Mayweather With “F*ck N***a”

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Perhaps Floyd should rethink supporting Gucci.

Premient luxury clothing brand Gucci recently came under fire for their insensitive blackface-inspired sweater. A turtleneck whose neck roll meets the wearer’s nose to frame their mouth with crude red lips, it is difficult to deny or reject the blackface resemblance. Unsurprisingly, the hip-hop community is outraged by this heinous item, and, for the most part, has boycotted the Italian company.

Among those leading the charge against hip-hop’s former ally is the ever-outspoken T.I. An impassioned activist with a thirst for justice, T.I. is rallying his peers–including Spike Lee and 50 Cent–and fans to join him in raising the metaphorical middle finger towards Gucci. One man, though, does not support the movement: Floyd Mayweather.

Appalled by this treachery, T.I.’s activism is coming full circle by taking to the very thing that gave his voice initial power by issuing a diss track towards Floyd, “F*ck N***a”. The Grand Hustle Records-leader’s protest has thickened, and his voice is strong and proud.

Diss tracks are inherently aggressive grounds: one party is decimating the other by using relentless slander. However, being the intellectual that he is, T.I.’s “F*ck N***a” is not sonically aggressive–it’s a cool, calm, and collected series of statements weaved into a laid back instrumental. As T.I. knows, a relaxed demeanor is more threatening than a loud one; a message can drown if not properly conveyed. Typically, the louder the yell, the louder the insecurity. T.I. is calm, his message is lurid.

Listen to “F*ck N***a” below: