Former NFL Quarterback Steve McNair Found Shot To Death…

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Ravens McNair Retires FootballWith the sudden passing of Michael Jackson comes more sad news this week, as former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death on July 4th.

McNair, 36, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head in downtown Nashville, police spokesperson Don Aaron said. A female victim was also found dead.

“There are persons who were around the complex today, visitors, who have been taken to headquarters for questioning, just to see what they know, what they may have seen,” “No one is in custody right now,”
Aaron said.

The third overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft played for 13 seasons, and who most recently played for the Baltimore Ravens; also shared co-MVP honors with Petyon Manning in 2003, made three trips to the Pro Bowl, threw 174 touchdowns, passed for 31,304 yards—while leading the Tennessee Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV.

Steve McNair is survived by his four sons—Steve Junior, Steven, Tyler, and Trenton.


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