Game Admits He Is Bi-Polar

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At least Game admits that everything he says has no validity because he is liable to change his mind at any point.  Watch the whole interview if you want to hear Game speak on Jay-Z, Big Sean, & album push backs.

Charlamagne Tha GodNow a couple months ago you were on twitter trying to start a campaign for another G-Unit reunion.  If 50 picked up the phone right now and said “Game I wanna make that happen”, would you?

Game: I’m bi-polar I don’t know what imma say.  Tell you the truth.

Angela Yee: Are you really like bi-polar?

Game: That’s crazy.  I’ll be bi-polar if that’s what people say.  It’s cool.




  1. now this here should be bashin Game…dis nigga sound like he got played… Tony Yayo which he did!! lmfao

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