Game Disses A Bunch Of People With “Uncle Otis” In Hopes Of Being Relevant

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Game.  Just stop.  You are just playing yourself at this point.  Fires shots at Jay-Z, Kanye, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa & Kreayshawn just to name a few.

Sidebar: Remember when Game was saying beef was stupid a month ago?

Game “Uncle Otis”




  1. this nigga is soft as baby shit how do niggaz still find this guy relevant. this aint the same nigga that got a butterfly tat on his face and once he got clowned he put different tats over it. this nigga is a fuckin clown sit yo ass down change of heart ass nigga

  2. Yes he is trying to stay Relevant but what you are failing to see is this Otis song dropped via the internet maybe 2 days ago… and he already put out a response to it… It takes some fools days to write a rhyme… Minus all the crap he put together a cool song… I wouldnt buy it but I will listen to it for free…

  3. Yea I agree, I still like Game's flow and music but I don't like all the diss'n to stay relevant! Just make good music.

  4. Im with Game on this shit- Fuck white bitches sayin nigga….That shit is wack……Him dissin Jay aint dope at all-Game do your thing mayne- Stop fuckin hatin Sam

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