Game Speaks On Dr. Dre & His Attempts To Get “The R.E.D. Album” To Drop

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I’m bored with this guy so I don’t have any commentary, just the facts.  Remember his Purp & Patron mixtape just dropped.  Spotted at NR via Complex.

Game On His Relationship With Dr. Dre:

  • “Everything on that is new. [I recorded the songs with Dre] probably a couple months ago in late July. […] People think ‘You’re back in with Dre,’ but I’ve been in with Dre. I haven’t necessarily had him on an album, but I’ve been working with Dre on Detox for my entire career. The world doesn’t know ’cause Detox hasn’t come out yet and I haven’t had anything from him on L.A.X. and Doctor’s Advocate because, you know the politics. But me and Dre been talking and chilling since the beginning. Documentary came out and I went my own way, did what I had to do to take care of my family, but it ain’t like he didn’t call me or I ain’t check on him.”

Game On The Status Of The R.E.D. Album:

  • “I think ‘The KIll’ is the only song [off Purp & Patron] with enough potential to make it on The R.E.D. Album. The R.E.D. Album is pretty much 95 percent done. Until I find a record that is just so amazing to me, and it’s next level and doesn’t sound like anything that’s out, and makes me feel comfortable with it being played on the radio and shooting a video to it, I won’t give R.E.D. Album a date. At this point it’s pretty much in my hands. I had a meeting with Jimmy Iovine and the label heads about a week ago and they gave me the green light to kind of pick a date when I want. The album is so classy, that I can’t sell it short with any single man. I wanna come with the right song, and make sure it’s a song that’s classic and iconic, and then we’ll know. I’m recording every day for no reason. Pharrell is executive producer and it ain’t gone change. I got Dre producing on the album, I got Premier. Like all the people I’ve wanted on one album, are on this album. I knocked out like two, three joints with Premier before I left on tour, so maybe shit, the end of like October, but, I’m probably gonna use one on the album. Premier sent me the joints he did. Something he don’t never do. Premier don’t send you shit through email, but we’ve been meaning to catch up to each other and work, and he was doing some stuff with Christina Aguilera and some other things so he be everywhere. So he ended up saying, ‘I’ll just send you these joints. I made this for you.'”