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Simple makeup cases just won’t do anymore. The new way to store personal belongings and beauty accessories is in a cosmetic firearm series “Seven Necessities” designed by Ted Noten, a Dutch jeweler who created these unique accessories which include compartments that store items that women might find useful to have on them. These guns closely resemble a real firearm and each one is devoted to a different brand. The white Dior 001 is priced at around $11,500 and has a Dior lip gloss, a toothpick, a 100 gram certified silver bar, some pills including Viagra, and a USB drive. The black Chanel 001 has similar accessories but from the Chanel brand and is priced at $17,000 because it contains a 50 gram gold bar of 24-karat gold. Some models may include a hairpin and a small vial of perfume but Noten’s studio can customize your firearm and will arrange refills for it if your beauty supplies run out.