Ghostface Killah “Purified Thoughts” Produced By Red Bull Big Tune Winner Frank Dukes

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So this dude Frank Dukes won a Red Bull producer contest in which he got to work with any “A-list” rapper he wanted to.  Dude picked Ghostface which I’m not mad at.  The thing that is really dope for Frank is not only did he get to do a joint with Ghost, but he got a placement on Ghost’s next album, The Apollo Kids which drops December 14th.  Check out some videos of Frank and Ghostface working on the track below.  Also check out Danny Brown’s The Hybrid in which Frank had a track on.  I also think you Wu heads should check out Danny, because he is one of the few new rappers you may actually fux with.

Ghostface Killah “Purified Thoughts”


Ghostface In The Studio With Frank Dukes



Studio Performance Of The Track




  1. Good to see an up and coming producer choosing to work with a legend that says a lot about his character with an attitude like that this dude will definitely be a star. He coulda chose anyone and he he chose Ghost love that.

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