Glory Hole Swag At Sony Studios

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It looks like Sony Studios was the place to be in the early 2000s if you were looking to run the train on some random skeezers.  Reminiscing on recording “Take A Look At My Life” with Fat Joe, Buckwild told Complex how Beyoncé and A&R Lenny S inadvertently witnessed 25 dudes getting domed off.  “There were some crazy sh*ts going on during that session. During a lot of Terror Squad sessions, having an entourage led to a whole other pile of things. I remember one of the dudes in Joe’s crew called one girl, and she had to suck off like 20 to 25 people” said the acclaimed producer as he chuckled.  “We’re in Sony [Studios], and you see a line of dudes going into the bathroom getting sucked off, while Beyoncé and Lenny S walk by not knowing what’s going on.”  I sort of get the impression that B and Lenny knew exactly what was going on.  Buck failed to mention how many people contracted genital herpes during that recording session.