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Well once Turk gets out of jail later this month it looks like it is on and popping for the Hot Boys. The collective made up of BG, Turk, Juvenile and of course Lil Wayne are allegedly going to be working together on a new album, over ten years since they released their ost successful album to date Guerrilla Warfare which encouraged the single I Need a Hot Girl (check the video out below for that, some real rump shaking and boobies swanging in that joint).
It is unclear if Mannie Fresh, who produced the Boys three albums in their entirety will be on board, but B.G who spoke out in a recent interview did state that ‘Mannie Fresh created the Hot Boyz sound; it’s only right that Mannie Fresh gives us that heat.’ However since all the bs went down between him, Baby and Slim, Mannie Fresh seems to have gone into hibernation.
The whole come back was encouraged by Weezy who reached out to the rest of the group bringing the deal to the table. Be interesting to see how these guys work together ten years later actually.


  1. haha oh shit! This summer will be ridiculous if these niggaz go on tour in the south. Watch a whole army of bad azz hoes come out! The nigga DJ fresh has to do the beats though or the shit won’t be the same….

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