Iggy Azalea Signs With Interscope

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Iggy elaborated on her deal with Billboard’s The Juice. Currently, Iggy is working on her debut album, The New Classic (slated for June).

“It’s a family and it’s a long-term commitment,” Iggy tells The Juice. “People aren’t just asking you to sign for one album. They’re asking you to sign for like three or four, sometimes five and that’s like a marriage.”

“I think they [labels] have things that they specialize in. Def Jam, I love. I was super close to signing with them. I think they’re just the best team. I think they’re really passionate about what they do and you can just tell that they’re so hungry over there. But then you look at who they’ve got signed to their label and it kind of makes you be like, ‘I don’t know. Am I going to be the guinea pig here for this?’ I don’t know.”