iHipHop Exclusive Interview: David Banner Speaks On How Songs Need To Be Jamming & Why Rap Shouldn’t Be Regional

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So last week I caught up with David Banner in Washington Square Park in NYC.  He was really approachable and willing to talk which just makes my life easier.  In part 1 of our interview Banner establishes the importance of making a good song.  Just because you are saying “real sh*t” that’s no excuse for your song not to be “jammin”.  A really valid point in my opinion.  He also goes into how rap music shouldn’t be identified based on what region it’s from, and how even though the south is killing it right now, all the checks are getting cut in NYC or LA.  Be sure to look out for his upcoming album with 9th Wonder Death Of A Pop Star, and then his solo effort MTA3: The Trinity MovementAlso be sure to follow him on twitter.  I reference a song in the interview called “Slow Down” off his project with 9th Wonder that I’m also going to throw below.  Check Out Part 2.


David Banner & 9th Wonder “Slow Down”





  1. Banner you are SOO RIGHT! Until we can sign checks in the south, we're not making any real money. I'm bias to Memphis because that's my city. I was born here, I traveled around the world but came back. I own a record label now called Overwater Entertainment. My vision for us is to be the modern day Stax as an independent. I'm not saying that we will never take advantage of what a major has to offer us but we WILL have the option to do it ourselves and not be dependent on another person's agenda for our success. Check us out at http://www.overwaterent.com . You'll hear about us soon enough. Trust me.

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