iHipHop Exclusive Interview: Lloyd Banks Speaks On Being More Relevant To The Hip-Hop Culture & The Importance Of Killing The Internet And Radio (Part 1)

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So almost two weeks ago I hit up G-Unit’s offices to chop it up with the Keyser Söze of wordplay.  I must say I was pretty impressed with how articulate and smart Banks was.  I guess that might have something to do with him being one of the most consistent rappers out right now.  I mean even Kanye has been forced to co-sign.

I directly asked Lloyd about him being a more relevant artist to hip-hop, as well as making bigger records than 50 Cent.  He also touched on the importance of an independent artist to kill the two media worlds of mainstream radio and television  (i.e. “Beamer, Benz & Bentley“) as well as the internet (i.e. V5).  Check it out.

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  1. What the fuck's up with that nerdy ass interviewer, ihiphopurkel. I'm surprised Banks could answer any question from that dude without busting out laughing. You should stay behind a computer. I think the interviewer's one of the nerds from the beginning of Yayo's pass the patron video.

  2. Seriously iHipHop, i love checking this site, but if yall don't stop it with the video ads that have audio by default, i'm gonna have to find some place elsewhere.

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