iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: Torae Talks The Generational Gap In NY Hip-Hop, 9th Wonder vs. Khrysis, and More

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When you think of New York MC’s that still give you that true gritty feeling of Hip-Hop from the Big Apple, there’s no question that Coney Island’s own Torae comes to mind. With two major albums, a handful of mixtapes, and a slew of guest appearances under his belt, there’s no question that Torae is on top of this list when it comes to talking about the next generation of voices coming from an NYC perspective.

We were able to catch him right off stage after he performed his set at the 35th Annual Rock Steady Anniversary Concert to talk about the generational gap in New York Hip-Hop, getting respect from the older generation of MCs, his upcoming project Off The Record: The EP, who he’d like to work with, the difference between 9th Wonder and Khrysis’ production, and more. Check it out.



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