Interscope Locking Down D-Block?

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With rumors swirling around the industry of Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch realigning with Diddy, many are speculating that the LOX will return to their former label, Bad Boy.   However, in a recent interview, Sheek told VIBE that the group’s current label, Interscope, is trying to block the deal.  The Lox want to leave our current label home Interscope,” said Sheek.  “We are trying to move on, but unfortunately, the label doesn’t want to let us go. We talked to Puff about coming back to Bad Boy; we gave him our counter offer and he said, ‘Yes.’ But it’s up to him to convince [Interscope head] Jimmy Iovine and Ruff Ryders to let go of their shares so we can move on.”  I wonder how the Diddler plans on convincing Mr. Iovine to let go of his artists, but I’m sure he has his ways.  Sheek went on to add, “we are stuck in that position. As far as Kiss, myself and Styles, we are ready for a new deal. We are good with Diddy…he has agreed with what we are looking for as far as financially and everything. Other labels are also throwing offers at us to make a LOX reunion album happen. But it’s really about our lawyers moving everybody out the way and making a deal happen.”


It’s sort of weird that Interscope wouldn’t support the group, but is now refusing to let them loose from their contract, especially considering the last album they put out through Interscope came out roughly ten years ago.  What’s even weirder is that the LOX went through the same situation with Bad Boy in 1999 and even made “Free LOX” t-shirts and continuously talked  trash about Diddy’s business.  Maybe now that Diddy has renewed interest in the Yonkers crew, the pencil-pushers at Interscope realize the demand for a new LOX album, or maybe they’re just being lazy, who knows.  We’ll see how this pans out.


  1. There trying to BLACK BALL the artists like Corporate Mobsters, to me this should be illegal and after a certain amount of time it show distress on a individual life the label should be held accountable for damages.

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