Is Birdman Actually Placing These Outlandish Bets?

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So I’m cruising twitter and see the following demonstration of the English language from Birdman.


Made me realize something.  Is Birdman actually placing these outlandish bets he is making?  Now I don’t doubt that he would bet two million dollars on the NBA finals.  I mean the guy dropped 8 Million on a car that will probably just depreciate in value.  But if you remember this is the same guy that pretended that he was a owner/part owner of an oil company and the Miami Dolphins.  The thing is when you say things like that people are going to investigate it and figure out that you are just making it up.  But with this gambling stuff it’s a lot easier to say things without having them getting disproved.  So do you actually think Birdman is placing these bets?


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