Jay-Z Wants 50 On Empire State Of Mind Remix?

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You  might remember a certain mad rapper Beanie Sigel talking about how Jay-Z and Nas were going to go in on him and his cohort in hate 50 Cent on the upcoming remix to his hit song, but now things have taken a turn.

Apparently Jay has reached out to 50 in attempts to dead their beef over nothing and also wants him to appear on the remix to his hit “Empire State Of Mind” with fellow NY MC Nas.

The news comes courtesy of a source close to BET, who also stated that the recording of the remix will be documented.

Hopefully this goes down and the pointless beef can be put to rest. The song’s probably going to be even better with three of NY’s top MC’s instead of just two, but we’ll see if this actually happens…

Perspective Edit:  If this is true this is a great move by Jay.  50 isn’t going to know how to react.  He’s been talking tons of crap about Jay, but you know deep down inside he wants to be on this remix.  All I know is that Robert Greene will proably be getting a call from Mr. Jackson.  Well played Shawn Carter, well played.