Jay-Z & Warren Buffet Talk Money With Forbes (Video)

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Jay-Z and the 2nd-richest man in the world Warren Buffet are on the cover of Forbes magazine this month.  The fact that Jay is even mentioned in the same breath of a multi-billionaire is a feat in itself.  The other is that he is really all over the place right now without an album coming out or anything.  Just ballin’ for no reason.  Here is a video of their joint interview.  It’s almost an hour long, but unless your listening to someone else that makes more than these two combined, stop playing yourself and pay attention:





  1. This was one of the best interviews Ive ever seen. Both men are great but watch the house nigga scum (cough*ThisIs50.com bloggers*cough) hate on J for whatever gay ass reason in 3….2..

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