Jermaine Dupri Addresses Strip Club Video Tape…

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dupriislandsmall_phixrIn light of the recent video [Click to watch video] that popped up showing ousted NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones, Nelly, and Jermaine Dupri at a strip club during Vegas’ All-Star Weekend in 2007, the producer who doubles as Janet Jackson’s main squeeze had this to say about the situation:

“I’m from a city where in Atlanta, we do this every day. You’ll hear this in Jeezy records. When Jeezy say he spends $10,000 on one song? That shit is for real man. It aint no play,” he told USA Today.

JD then spoke upon himself on the video during which he’s seen reprimanding the dancers:

“You’re not supposed to get your money until the dance is finished. These girls was picking the money up [as] soon as the money was flying, like someone was going to steal it.

That kind of gave me an idea of the place that we were in. I was like ‘oh these girls are going to start fighting or something because they don’t know understand what the fuck is going on in here.”

Dupri maintained that Jones was trying to break up a fight between two dancers.

Whatever the reason was, the end result was nothing but drama and a whole lot of upcoming court dates…


  1. “KEEP DANCING GAHD DAMMIT!” haha…. I don’t think that niggaz go to strip clubs and drop 10 g’s often though…if so then those hoes would have known how to act. But at least JD set the story st8.

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