Jets…It Just Might Be A Movement

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So after letting this Weekend At Burnie’s album digest in my head for awhile I have come to a couple conclusions.

1) Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.  I know in the grand scheme of things 22K sales the first week isn’t revolutionary.  But considering the fact that we live in a digital age, and how much material free and commercial Spitta has given out, 22k is an impressive number to me.  What it really establishes is that Curren$y has a cult following.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a mixtape or an album, if it goes through Dame Dash or goes through Warner Bros. Records, or if it was produced by Alchemist or Monsta Beatz.  If Spitta drops something…his fans are going to cop it.  Simple as that.

2) Speaking of Monsta Beatz I must say I think he produces some of Curren$y’s best material.  Alchemist is one of my favorite producers in general but this Monsta Beatz/Spitta sh*ts on that Alchemist/Spitta.  Sometimes people overreach with what should be theoretically good as opposed to what actually works.  Artists need to take risks, but they shouldn’t deviate too much from what the fans have come to expect.  It’s a tough balance but Spitta seems to do an OK job of managing those things.

3) This Jets sh*t is for real!  I personally thought some of the best songs on this Weekend At Burnie’s project were the ones that featured Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy.  They have the nifty name for the “movement”, Jets, and it’s looking like Curren$y has found his mainstay sidekicks, Trademark & Young Roddy.  With a cult fan base like Spitta has, it’s only right he expand his brand.  Plus it is happening organically.  This isn’t a super group that was concocted by the music industry for the music industry.  At the same time these guys aren’t just Curren$y’s weed carriers.  Trademark and Roddy both have individual skills that just happen to compliment Curren$y’s.  That’s what wins in hip-hop in the long term.  So keep your eyes and your ears open.  This Jets sh*t is about to do down!

Curren$y ft Trademark & Young Roddy “Still”


Curren$y ft Trademark & Young Roddy “On G’s”


Curren$y ft Trademark & Young Roddy “Get Paid”



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