Joe Budden Responds To Esther Baxter’s Domestic Abuse Allegations

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Joe Budden spoke with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex in order to respond to “urban model” Esther Baxter’s Bossip interview in which she claimed Budden was so violent with her that he caused her to lose their child. He also used this opportunity to try clear the air between him and Chris Brown after throwing a sly dig at him on Twitter: “f*ck this, i’m shopping 4 a bowtie as we speak”. Check out his comments below:

On why He Decided To Blast Esther In A Song
This is how I started writing raps in the first place. It started maybe a few weeks ago and I sat and said, “You know what let me try and just hold this in and be private about this.” She’s private, I tried to be private, nobody has to know anything and it was killing me, it was destroying me inside. You can’t just let a mutt be a mutt and not let anybody know that a mutt is a mutt.

On Esther Baxter Lying
Yeah, she did a whole Barbara Walter-ish interview. Dramatic full house, theme music in the background, and pictures. I’m sitting there like, really this is what we doing? We cuing the music and violins.

If the subject matter was true at all, then I would have been sitting there like anybody else saying “Jesus, this guy is a monster, this guy is the devil here on earth” but no, it’s a bunch of lies. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. The thing about lying is you got to continue to lie.

She was saying earlier she didn’t even give Bossip these pictures to put out then they replied and said, “you definitely did give us these pictures.” When you lie, it eventually does come to light.

On whether or not he abused her
For the record, so we’re totally clear, I never hit Esther. Never, never, never. No, I’ve never, never, never, EVER, EVER hit her. Like I said, that subject matter is very serious, it’s not anything to joke around about and I’ve never hit her. To be honest, you don’t do all the things she said I did and then come right back and f**k the same man.

On his Chris Brown tweet
Then I felt bad, aside from me being a big Chris Brown fan, he’s somebody that really went through it. He really got put through the wringer because of domestic abuse. So, it made me take a step back. I’m sitting here laughing at it all because I know it’s not true in this instance. You know, in his instance it happened and they hung him for it. I apologize to him, it was the right thing to do.

I am really struggling to decide who is actually telling the truth here. Spotted at NB. Also give parts one, two and three of Budden’s interview a listen.