Joe Budden`s Reaction To Tahiry And 50 Pics: “I Almost Threw Up In My Mouth”

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I guess Joe Budden has not learned that you need to control your emotions and learn to play it humble. No need to react or speak on everything but in a interview recently he responded on the Tahiry (his ex jump off girl) and 50 Cent pics and was quoted as saying:”I Almost Threw Up In My Mouth”. His new track seems to be all about the drama, making his own ghetto fab remix to Rihanna`s Russian Roulette:

” No beef with Beans, not a beef with Fab/Just f*gs that think I’m searching for a beef to grab/I’m too talented to reach for that/It’ll take more than just some Tweets…And the streets are so concerned about me and Somaya Reece, they ain’t got the whole puzzle, all they do is try to piece…Me and her gonna end up whatever we decide to be/Can you hear me, I’m tired of n*ggas asking about Tahiry/She can do what she want as long as she ain’t do it near me…Everything ain’t what it appear to be/Leaking pictures of Fif feeling on your a**/But if you seen it like me, then you’d be feeling like an a**/So I’m thinkin’ I’m fool by watching you act a fool/Seeming desperate for attention, baby, take this as a jewel/Since we no longer, you and Cotto get the same advice, need to fire everybody in your corner/N*ggas ain’t worth my time, I won’t respond to ya…”

I dunno it seems like your responding to me Joe, anyway here are the pics in question:1milo-ventimiglia-baby-picture21


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