Joe Girardi Helps Mark Sanchez Learn To Slide

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New York Jets vs. Atlanta FalconsThe New York Jets have turned to Yankees Manager Joe Girardi, fresh off his first championship with the New York Yankees, to help teach their rookie QB Mark Sanchez how to slide better on plays where he has to scramble out of the pocket.  The Jets have been nervous about his sliding ability, and it finally reached a breaking point that led to coach Rex Ryan calling Yankees team president Randy Levine to ask if they could send someone over to help out.  When the Yankees sent Girardi, it became apparent that Ryan was looking to provide a spark to his team, claiming he needed to “bring in a champ” to help motivate the player, as well as teach him some fundamental sliding techniques.  Ryan pulled one of those “only-possible-in-New-York” moments by getting Girardi to come help them out, while also fueling more speculation that the Jets/Mets, Giants / Yankees fan split in the area is very outdated.  Lets hope Sanchez learned his lessons and they don’t have to resort to calling Rickey Henderson to help him more with sliding.