Kanye Who? Amber Rose`s Big Day Out ( Pictorial)

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It seems like since Kanye is trying to stay out the lime light he is staying away from Amber Rose, she does not seem to mind because Amber Rose and her best friend Dez partied it up in Miami over the weekend.  They were spotted throwing up the Roc sign at 50 Cent’s party at Liv and later hit up Ocean Drive for some shopping.

Earlier this year, racy pics of Amber and Dez circulated the web that raised eyebrows but Amber quickly shot down the Lesbian rumors before they had a chance to spread:

She’s been my friend for about ten years now. We were dancers—you know, strippers—together, and that night when we took all those pictures, I was back in Philly and hadn’t seen her in a while, and I was like, “Yo Dez, let’s just take some shots of Hennessy and take some f*ckin’ pictures, just for us.” She didn’t realize I do have some type of celebrity-status, and she posted them on her MySpace. Kanye knows that that’s just my friend, we’re not lesbian lovers.

Okay whatever you say Amber now on to the pics: