Keyshia Cole Ignites Twitter Beef With Lil’ Kim After Being Honest With Fans

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So the BET announced their nominees for the 2011 Award show honoring some awesome artists. However artists like Keyshia Cole and Trina caught wind of their names not being announced and since then they haven’t been shy about sharing their thoughts.

Keyshia Cole tweeted: “Its like this. Been on the scene 7 years. I was 21 when I got signed. 7 # 1 records. No awards 4 none of them/still touring. It is Wht it is.”  Then she continued to try to stay positive and tweet, “These types of thing R the way they R. I’m not upset about any of it in any way. I hope everyone that goes has a wonderful time.

She continued to tweet, letting go of that positive attitude and started to stir the pot. She took a shot at Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim: “N while we’re addressing everything, Lil Kim and I a r not ‘friends’ I take that term very seriously. We made wonderful music. That is it

This, in turn (not a surprise), got Lil’ Kim going. Which resulted in a back and forth Twitter argument that was just really useless.

The whole world has seen me extend my hand to u over and over again.

Only someone who’s trying to build a sincere relationship does shows 4 free & supports. u did not pay me a dime 4 none of that.
That warrants some type of loyalty and respect.

Friend or no friend i would have never let anybody disrespect u on my record but i can’t expect everyone to be as real as i am.

At the end of the day karma is as real as i am and it’s coming to get u. oh wait…if it hasnt got u already…

Keyshia responded a few times but conceded by saying that she has no beef with anyone. She even added one last tweet to end it all: “Now I will be going they my tweets so I can block out the haters. Life is about blocking all u haters anyway. Don’t need you following me.” Of course Kim will just keep on going if you let her… Sometimes I wonder why celebs even bother on Twitter, especially when you’re talking about Lil’ Kim. She cannot be stopped once she starts and after it all it just gets annoying.



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