Kid Cudi Talks New Album & Collaborations

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Member of the new class Kid Cudi, is already working on his sophmore album, Cudder, due for a 2010 release and talks collabos for the album.  Some of these collabos include Snoop, Pharrell, Common and more. He also talks about how he wants this one to be more fun tone instead of being serious like Man on the Moon. Cudi says:

“Cudder, already got five tracks locked in. We got Snoop, we got Pharrell. I just was in the studio with him. We got Jim Jonsin. I did a record with him. I’m gonna get back in the studio with him. Trying to get the right amount of hit records on this. It’s gonna be the complete opposite of what Man on the Moon was. Man on the Moon was so serious. This one is gonna be more playful and fun. It’s about having a good time.”

He also talks about how people reaching out to him for collabos is weird to him and remembers when no one wanted to work with him saying:

“People reaching out to me wanting to collab is so bugged out,” Cudi admitted. “I remember when nobody wanted to do any song with me, let alone listen to my sh–. It’s been humbling since Kanye reached out. People seek my creativity; that’s dope. I don’t do the normal sh–. I don’t make the normal songs. So when people reach out, that means they’re on the same frequency.”

Check out the full interview with MTV below and be on the lookout for Cudder in 2010.