LET ‘EM FIGHT!!!: Five Reasons Why DJ Clue vs. Funk Flex Is Good For Hip-Hop

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Personally, this writer has never been a fan of Hip-Hop beef. In my opinion, it overshadows the music, leaving everyone in a “he said, she said” frenzy; which ultimately takes away from the art.

But being that Hip-Hop is so competitive, there are going to be moments where artists aren’t seeing eye-to-eye with each other.

Usually, in the end, the famed “diss track(s)” fade into obscurity, while the two or more artists involved smarten up, and go back to creating meaningful songs that can generate them income.

But in the case with DJ Clue and Funk Flex, there will be no diss tracks, seeing that neither one is an artist, so here are five reasons why the Hip-Hop world should continue to let them duke it out:

1. Seeing that you NEVER heard of DJ’s really going at each other to this caliber, its kind of amusing hearing them talk tough on the radio. It seems like the writers who pen the storylines for the WWE are feeding them new scripts everyday.

2. I haven’t listened to the radio since 2007. The last time I actually turned on a radio, Fabolous’ ‘Make Me Better’ with Ne-Yo was getting ran into the ground about 100 times a day. This beef is actually making the radio interesting again, due to the fact that it’s taking up more airtime rather than the same 5 songs that you hear on a daily basis.

3. It’s comical hearing both DJ’s talk about all their material items (cars, wealth, money, etc.). I’m pretty sure they both make a great living at their profession, but I doubt that we’ll ever see them on Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings List.

4. This beef has brought people back to the radio. Now people are putting their iPod playlists on hold, and switching off Pandora and other music apps just to see what will happen next on Hot 97 and Power 105.

5. It’s actually exciting. Even though we all know that nothing serious will come out of this, it still breathes air into the genre. Sometimes things get a little stagnant, and you need some newfound friction to liven the scene up a little, and this is exactly what’s happening now. So continue to tune into both their shows with your microwave popcorn, while Tweeting the play-by-play as you go.