Logic Releases New Song & Video For “Overnight”

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When you get to Logic’s level, you even brag different.

Fan favorite Logic is a multifaceted talent whose allure extends passed his heightened musical skills. While he’s one of today’s most dexterous lyricists, and put together an incredible 2017 album in Everybody, a big part of Logic’s appeal resides in his eccentricity: he’s a nerd, he loves video games, he can solve a rubix cube quickly, and he has a keen artistic eye. Previous album art, like Everybody and The Incredible True Story, supports this notion, and his music video released today confirms it.

A new song and visual, “Overnight” follows Logic’s recent trend of issuing new music–he dropped off “44 More” last week. Opening with a quick explanation of the video’s inspiration, Logic informs the viewers that he took a trip to Maui and Tokyo to record music, and while there, he said, “Fuck it! Let’s shoot a video.” And that he did.

Taking place between the completely opposite locations, “Overnight” imparts an interesting juxtaposition of regional beauty and differences, and shows how each can inform the other. Taking a detour from his typical conscious rhymes, Logic uses “Overnight” to stunt by letting everyone know how well he’s doing–literally by shooting it in two remote locations, and figuratively because he talks about he makes $200k at a show now. Simply, Logic looks like he’s having the time of his life–and why shouldn’t he?

Watch the “Overnight” video below: