Maino Puts Rosa Acosta On Blast!!!

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In a recent interview  Maino was asked his opinion on Ug Mug” Video Vixen” Rosa Acosta, which he was def not afraid to air her out. Maino was quoted as saying
“I looked at her “boom” she’s cute but she had cheap shoes. Someone asked me would I ever try to talk to her and I said, “No disrespect but [that ain’t] my type. Look at your shoes. Look at your bag. I don’t even f*ck women like you.” Imagine I pull up somewhere and you got Jay-z, you got Diddy and n*ggas about their business. I pull up in my Bentley and jump out, and this b*tch got on her cheap azz shoes. I don’t want you, if I can’t sport you.”

I personality don’t care if your shoes are cheap but you got to rock the 5 inch heels to be a certified banger, now if Maino can spot out cheap shoes on this chick they must have been noticeably cheap so thats not a good look. Oh and for the record I don’t think Rosa Acosta is anything special , you see females like her walking around NY everyday like its nothing. We need more video models looking like this and not looking like Natalie from bad girls club with a booty.

Rosa had to defend herself , saying:
First of all he said I’m cheap. That I wear cheap shoes. There is a difference between simple and cheap. I will not wear something that is fake so I will wear whatever I can afford. If I can just afford Forever 21 shoes, then that’s what I am going to buy. And anyway, I wasn’t aware that they gave you lessons about women’s shoes in prison.

Next thing is, why are you so sensitive? Just because I stored your number as Don’t answer and I never call you doesn’t mean that I don’t pray for you. God bless you Maino. Then if you have to talk about me in an interview just to be on blogs instead of your projects and your actual music…You suck!

You can watch that interview here she starts talking about him at the 1:35 mark, oh yeah WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH HER HAIR?