Meet Mike’s New Chick…

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mj-and-swirlThe biggest name in basketball for now, and FOREVER Michael Jordan has been seen strutting his stuff around Miami with his new (hot) girlfriend, 30-year-old Cuban model, Yvette Prieto.

The two now occupy a three-bedroom home in Miami-Dade County that measures out to be 5,500 square feet. Word is that they took a 30-year $196,000.00 mortgage out on the house that only they will live in.

Some people might be thinking, “Now why in the hell is Michael Jordan taking on a mortgage??!!” The answer is quite simple: His new sidearm which is 16 years his junior, and also a mortgage holder, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2002, so its been taking her a little time to get her finances back in order (tisk tisk).

A model filing for bankruptcy hmmm… Looks like she needs to find another line of work; OH YEAH SHE DID!!! He goes by the name of Michael Jordan.