Blessings From Based God? Kevin Durant Says He & Lil B Are Now “Cool”

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Has the Based God curse been lifted? Can Kevin Durant now secure an NBA Finals championship for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

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Last year an unorthodox feud took place; it wasn’t a heated athletic battle on the court, nor was it a lyrical sparring match from top emcees. Nope, instead it was a Twitter war of words between NBA all-star Kevin Durant and the prodigal son of rap, Lil B. Following this Twitter “beef”, Lil B used his incalculable powers to hex Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Dubbed “curse of the Based God” Durant and the Thunder were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs, quickly reinforcing the curse.

However, according to Kevin Durant himself, he and the Based God are now officially “cool”. Still, no word from Lil B just yet to back up Durant’s claim. And we shall see if the curse has indeed been lifted when Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder take the court later this NBA season.

Source: Complex