Mir Fontane Releases Alternative “Frank Ocean” Video

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We’re going to be hearing a lot more about him soon.

New Jersey artist, Mir Fontane, is a versatile talent. A guy whose captivating singing voice falls second to only his ominous trap flows, Fontane is someone who we’ll be hearing much more about in the near future. In case you’re not familiar with him, pay his June 2017 project, Camden, a visit.

One of Camden’s best tracks is the soulful and honest “Frank Ocean”. A song asking his girl about why does she prefer Drake’s old shit, J. Cole shit, Frank Ocean over his own music. Fontane puts on his trap soul mask for this one, proving that he is a mushrooming R&B crooner.

Today, Mir Fontane dropped off the “Frank Ocean” video. Montages of the aforementioned artists coupled with introspective shots of Mir comprise the visual’s hook, adequately reflecting the notion of comparing one’s self and that pestering feeling of coming up short. Mirroring the verse’s themes, clips of news reports and what looks like fan images occupy the aesthetic to convey the bars’ meaning—a reporter talking about minimum wages, a kid jumping into a swimming pool. It’s clear that his artistry runs deeper than sonics.

Watch “Frank Ocean” below: