Most Expensive Fitted Kitchen

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A house is the mirror of one’s status and for opulent class every nook and corner of house has to be just classy. Since kitchen plays an important role, it is expected to be grand and perfect. Therefore, to give your kitchen a rich feel, designer Paul Marazzi’s design house Marazzi Design has created the world’s most expensive fitted kitchen.

London-based kitchen designer disclosed its world famous kitchen design known as Colosseo Oro kitchen. The world’s most expensive kitchen was revealed at the trade show in Earls Court, London. This design is limited to only 10 units as it’s a limited edition design and costs whopping $463,625. Apart from the luxurious fitting, the kitchen comes with the basic roof, front door and walls.

What makes this kitchen expensive are a few random luxurious things that you wouldn’t correlate with a “normal” kitchen, 24 carat gold leafing, Metallic gloss Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances, crocodile embossed leather finish, Venetian ink- stained gold glass, & Swarovski crystal lights in entire kitchen.  I mean with all this opulence why would you have another room. Right? Via: Marazzi/Guardian