Vince Staples’ “Norf Norf” Goes Gold

4 years ago view-show 407,880

Congrats, Vince.

Vince Staples made a provocative, poignant statement about growing up in California gang culture on his acclaimed album, Summertime ‘06. Engorged with vivid memories and jadedness, the dual-disc offering holds some of Staples’ greatest work. Nestled in the mix of those choice songs lies one track whose ominous production serves as the perfect springboard to launch Staples’ even more harrowing ideas. Now, Vince is finally getting the praise he deserves, as the single has officially gone Gold.

Even though “Norf Norf” dropped in 2015, amassing 500,000 equivalized sales on a track is nothing to sneeze at, and further emphasizes his artistic integrity–Vince has never compromised his sound or style for trends or gimmicks. Vince is as authentic an any emcee, and he’s doing it on his own accord.

Now it’s time to make “Norf Norf” go platinum. Stream the hit track below: