Nardwuar Interviews Tyler, The Creator

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Another great conversation between these two.

There’s nothing quite like a Nardwuar interview. Perhaps music’s most eccentric personality, the Canadain musician and journalist is known for deeply researching his subjects, and consequently shocking — and sometimes scaring — his them with his wealth of knowledge. Most recently, Tyler, The Creator joined The Human Serviette for another interview in their storied discourse past.

Appropriately speaking at Neptoon Records in Vancouver, BC Canada, given Tyler’s crate-digging penchant, the two go back and forth about the vast samples that the IGOR artist employs, which manifest from Tyler challenging himself daily to listen to hours of diverse music. They go on to speak about his infatuation with wigs, evidenced in his “EARFQUAKE” video thanks to his blonde bobbed look, some food spots that Tyler and his crew love to hit, and more. 

As per usual, Nardwuar gifts Tyler with personalized knick knacks that capture both of their unique personalities. 

Check out the full 16-minute interview below: