NBA And Players Association Set To Meet Next Week

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Sports Illustrated just reported the NBA and the NBPA are set to hold negotiations sometime next week. The NFL’s recent lockout resolution may give fans hope: especially seeing how key players are frontin’ like they’ll leave the league in droves. At the same time this could be an exercise in futility as smaller meetings beforehand reportedly touted unwavering stances from both sides.

There’s a ton of uncertainty heading into this meeting from league insiders and, since I’m nowhere near the situation, I’ll have to take their word for it. All I know is the powers that be are killing the momentum gained by last season’s record returns. Yet I’d genuinely be surprised if both sides saw eye to eye after barely a month long freeze. The hard cap and reduction on 57% of income hitting players salaries are huge sticking points for front offices league wide among other issues. Therefore, it’s unlikely they’ll relinquish those demands so soon. What’s more is players don’t stop getting paid until November 1st anyway. Head’s will start getting antsy at that point unless they managed their funds for, what may be, a long haul.