NBA Lockout News: Owners Open To Operate Without Hard Cap

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Well we’ve finally got some movement in this overdrawn NBA Lockout. Yahoo Sports reports owners are open to negotiating without forcing a hard cap in the new CBA. That means, in English, teams can still go over the salary cap as usual. Except now the parties involved are focused on instilling much harsher penalties for going overboard. This move appears to be a much better compromise than deadlocking player salaries nationwide because, truth be told, spending problems will persist no matter what kind of cap you instill.

Getting around the hard cap has been one of the key issues fueling the lockout for nearly 3 months. Yet this news doesn’t mean the season will start any sooner since players and owners are still in a tug of war over splitting revenue. But hey, pushing some forward movement is better than being dormant. The players union and the owners are scheduled to keep talking on Friday. Let’s see if they’ll get their act together before they jeopardize most of the season.

Source: Yahoo Sports

Photo from NY Daily News
Photo from NY Daily News